Craig and I met in 1994. At that time I was into rocks and minerals and he had no hobbies. So I dragged him to my favorite haunts. At that time it was Honey Creek Gems and Timeless Treasurers in Davenport. He later took me to another rock shop he knew about which was Sharon's Crystal Palace. Timeless Treasurers is gone now, and missed. But the others are still around, though one is under different management. Over the years we have greatly enjoyed the hobby. After about a year together Craig discovered and joined a local rock club - Blackhawk Gem and Mineral Club. He then wanted to pursue being in their annual rock show. So we gathered up some of our finds and set up a small booth at the show. As we expanded our collection and our inventory we eventually started doing other rock shows as well. We do the Blackhawk Gem and Mineral Show twice a year now. We also do a show with the Peoria rock show, Freeport rock show, and these past few years we added the Macomb Rock Show. After all of these years we have gathered up quite the inventory. So, when Craig lost his job it seemed only natural that we put that inventory to work and opened a rock show of our own. So now we have a store front. People no longer have to wait for us to show up at a show. They can come see us six days a week. 

                                                                                          -Kellie Moore


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